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Hundreds joined the opening ceremony of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in March 2015. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

The Finnish Maiden jumps into the bandwagon of high-octane culture when the new museum card becomes available today.

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In Amsterdam, for example, even the taxi drivers recommend a museum card which offers “free” access to hundreds of museums around the country. In Netherlands alone, about a million pieces of the card is sold yearly.

In Finland, the card costs 54 euros and it offers all-in-one access to about 200 museums for a year.

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All the big buildings with the big exhibits ride along. Including: Ateneum, the National Gallery, Amos Anderson, Kiasma . . . to name a few.

The northernmost museum is found in Inari, over 1000 kilometres from Helsinki. The southernmost in Hanko, about 120 kilometres from the capital.

Kimmo Levä, the head secretary of the Finnish Museums Association, said in a bulletin that the interest towards museums is growing. “With the aid of the card one can visit the museum even daily. With a card in the pocket one doesn’t have to think about the prizes of a single ticket.”

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[divider]Where to get it?[/divider]

The museum card can be purchased from every museum on the list or from the web store.



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