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Snow pile in Helsinki’s Töölö district in the morning of January 31, 2019. In Helsinki, the snow depth is 40 centimeters. Picture: Tony Öhberf for Finland Today

Where are the snowiest places in Finland right now?

If you guessed “Lapland,” you would be right most of the time.

But not this year.

According to the measurements on Thursday morning, Puolanka (Kainuu region), Joensuu (North Karelia) and Savonlinna (southeast Finland) have most snow—63 centimeters!

Lohja and Nuuksio in Espoo, places in southern Finland, are not too far behind; the snow depth is 53 centimeters.

You would have to look up very high in Tunturi and Northern Lapland— Inari and Kittilä—to find an equal depth of snow.

Usually, the snow depth is at its peak at the end of March, and the snowiest places can be found in Northern Karelia, Kainuu and Lapland regions.

So, it’s very likely that there’s still more of the white stuff to come.

A lot.

Sources: Foreca, The Finnish Meteorological Institute