The Ministry of the Interior recommends that the national flag be flown throughout the country on Sunday, August 9, 2020, to celebrate Tove Jansson and Finnish art. Flags are to be raised at 8:00 and lowered at 21:00.

Tove Jansson, pictured with Moomin dolls in 1956. Picture: Public Domain

Tove Jansson is an influential artist and writer and is internationally renowned for her works. Her novels and other written work have been translated into more than 50 languages. Although Jansson is best known for her Moomin books, she was also a distinguished painter and illustrator. Many of her works deal with themes related to the status of minorities and the experiences and acceptance of diversity.

“On this flag day we can celebrate Tove Jansson’s profound impact on Finnish art and literature, while also celebrating great Finnish works of art more widely,” says Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo in a statement.

The Ministry of the Interior has decided that these flag flying arrangements will be observed by government agencies and public bodies on August 9, 2020.

Hanne Huvila, the senior specialist at the Ministry of the Interior, told STT news agency that the flag day may become official in the future—depending on how active the Finnish citizens will be regarding raising the flag.

According to Huvila, the ministry is following the same policy as it once did concerning the flag days for Minna Canth and Jean Sibelius, some of the most celebrated people in Finnish history.