Screen capture of ‘rekrybot’s’ Facebook page.

A chatbot empowered by artificial intelligence is the job applicant’s new best friend when looking for work at restaurant and retail trade operator HOK-Elanto.

While applying for a job at a restaurant, the applicant can contact the chatbot through a link on Facebook ( The applicant lands on a Facebook page and there’s a chat window open saying that it’s ready to help to fill out the job application.

“This is an interesting and open-minded trial! Looking for a job is at its best easy and fun,” said Anu Ahokas, CEO at work-leasing company StaffPoint, in a bulletin. StaffPoint is HOK-Elanto’s partner in recruitment. “Young people want to seek a job there where they are, that is to say on social media. With the aid of a recruitment robot we are reaching out especially to the young professionals.”


The AI bot serves the applicant in English or Finnish.

After chatting with the bot for a minute or two, StaffPoint will take over. They will interview, chart one’s knowledge and skills, check background, and will invite the most suitable applicants to a job interview.

“If the trial turns out successful, we may apply it to our trade sector as well,” said Antero Levänen, human resource manager at HOK Elanto.

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