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Picture: Sanofi Pasteur

At the beginning of November, most municipalities will start providing free vaccinations against influenza.

People with an increased to risk to catch influenza will get the vaccination for free. Usually the price for the vaccination averages at 35 euros (vaccination about 12 euros + work). (At some workplaces, the vaccination is included in their health plan.)

Those entitled to the free vaccination include:

  • People who have turned 65
  • Children between six months to six years of age
  • Pregnant women
  • People who belong to the risk group because of their sickness or treatment
  • Those closest to the people who are at risk for a serious influenza
  • Conscripts beginning their military service
  • Personnel working in social and healthcare sector
  • People who live in institutions, such as jails or reception centers

The influenza viruses are constantly transforming so it’s recommended that the vaccination is taken yearly. Because it takes about two weeks for the vaccination to become effective, it should be taken in good time before the beginning of the influenza season.

The free vaccinations are available at the local health care center or the child welfare clinic.

The beginning of the influenza season varies from year to year. “Last autumn, the season began already in September. This fall, only a few cases of influenza A have been diagnosed. Usually, most influenza infections are diagnosed between January and March,” said Niina Ikonen, disease expert at the National Institute for Health and Welfare THL.

Source: THL