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If You Need a Night Out, Napapiirin Sankarit 2 May Be Your Thing

If You Need a Night Out, Napapiirin Sankarit 2 May Be Your Thing



The family of Inari (Pamela Tola) and Janne (Jussi Vatanen). Picture: Jolle Onnismaa © 2015 Yellow Film & TV

I have to admit, when I saw the poster to Napapiirin Sankarit 2, my eyes immediately lept to the baby and I thought that this was simply going to be a Finnish rehash of Todd Phillips’s 2009 film, The Hangover. I was blissfully incorrect in my prejudgment (but aren’t we all?)

The story picks up a few years after Napapiirin Sankarit left off, this time with the loveable loser Janne (Jussi Vatanen) now a reluctant father of a baby girl named Lumi (who he affectionately refers to as  “Looney”.)  Inari (Pamela Tola) plays a overly concerned Mum, that just needs a night off.

And thanks to her meddling friend, Marjukka, (Miia Nuutila), that’s exactly what she gets, and much more. The only problem was, Janne wanted a break, too . . . and he takes one, on the sly with baby and idiotic friends (played by Timo Lavikainen and Santtu Karvonen) in tow.

Through a series of bad ideas and unfortunate events, Lumi gets lost and Janne and company scramble to find her all the while an unknowing Inari is contending with her own misadventures.



Marjukka (Miia Nuutila) dancing. Picture: Jolle Onnismaa © 2015 Yellow Film & TV

Napapiirin Sankarit 2 wasn’t just fun romp through Lapland with a cast of hosers. Granted, at times it was a little far fetched (narrowly avoiding death via air strikes, in a military zone anyone?) but it had genuine heart alongside shots at Sweden, corn rowed rednecks in souped up cars and amorous French girls. It is not a family film, due to strong language and sexual situations, but if you, like Janne and Inari need a night out, Napaiirin Sankarit 2 just might be your ticket.

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