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Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Now that it is officially fall, we are nestled in a sweet spot between the end of summer and the onset of ice and snow. The temperatures have dropped, the leaves are changing, and the sky has been opening up and pouring rain on us during the most inopportune times. Warm day and left your umbrella and coat at home? Look forward to a surprise rain in the afternoon! Leaving the Oppera in your best and scrambling for the tram? Why not a little downpour to go with that?  Walking your dog in the Park? Bring on the only rain of the day, and have it last only half an hour- the exact duration of your walk!

As much as we winge and complain about the rain, it’s here and it is not going away. However, we can meet it head on and still look fashionable, and here are some simple tips anyone can apply.

 1) Invest in a trench

It never goes out of fashion and is the ultimate in stylish rain gear. However, many aren’t waterproof! Make sure before you make the leap that if it is cotton that it has a coating of some sort that makes it a formidable force against the cold and wet. Speaking of cold, make sure your trench has a removable liner. It will be your best friend in the fall and a layer you are happy to shed in the Spring when the sun comes out. Before you head up to the cashier with your new coat, make sure that it comes with a belt. Part of being fashionable involves good tailoring and a nipped in waist will simply look put together.

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2)   Give dumpy rain boots the boot

Do your boots look like a fisherman’s? ARE they a fisherman’s? Time to upgrade! When looking for a rain boot, make sure that it is mid-calf or taller. You never know when a puddle is much deeper than it looks.

Obviously stay away from materials like from suede (even though it is on trend this season) and look to treated leather or rubber. If rubber is what you feel fits your lifestyle go with a high gloss, as they look like the elevated cousin of your basic matte Hunter. Also, stick to darker colours as they will mask mud and dirt more than a bright boot. No one looks chic when their feet are filthy!

If leather is your game, look for a rubber bottomed boot that has treads. No one wants to eat cobblestone. Up your game by going for a thigh high leather boot, as was evident by New York Fashion Week street style, it is the footwear of the moment.

Another top tip is to make sure that they have a removable sock or are lined with fleece or a warm insulator, as then you can wear them when the snow starts to melt.

 3) Get a pretty umbrella


Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

On grey days, having a basic black umbrella is a real downer. Colour influences how you feel, why not invest in something that will perk you up when rain is pouring? Think of happy patterns like Marimekko’s Unikko smiling down on you, or go mod and snap up a clear umbrella. Above all else, look for quality. If the handle feels loose in your hands and the spine looks precariously weak, put it down and look elsewhere. You don’t want an inside-out umbrella on a windy day. Luxury brand Pasotti, for example, makes indulgent umbrellas that can be an excellent investment, as a well-cared for umbrella can last for years.

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The name of the game in the change of seasons is to think ahead. Buy your rain gear before you need it, as you can enjoy shopping for them and are able to have the best selection. If one is scrambling for emergency coverage, you end up with what is leftover, and that is rarely chic.


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