Rosamund Pike, British actress, visiting the world premiere event of animated series ‘Moominvalley’ in Helsinki, January 25, 2019. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Tove Jansson’s work keeps on living, and this time the loved Moomin characters are voiced by stars from Hollywood.

Moominvalley (2019) is a new Finnish-British animated TV series with a budget of 20 million euros for the first season. It uses the latest 3D computer-generated imagery to please the tastes of a new generation. It’s the most expensive Finnish TV series to date.


At the world premiere event of Moominvalley in Helsinki on Friday evening, some of the actors and actresses behind the characters made appearances in the flashlights. Some even shared their thoughts on Jansson’s work.

The last time I saw Rosamund Pike was on the big screen playing second lead to Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher. Today the British actress was describing to me the inner life of Moominmamma. She’s her voice.

“Moominmamma is a vision of a homemaker that I really believe in.”

Rosamund Pike

“Moominmamma is a vision of a homemaker that I really believe in: someone who welcomes strangers, who open her doors and appears sometimes to be a little away with the fairies, but actually she is very grounded and certain of what she believes in,” Pike said. “I think that has always been a recipe for an interesting life.”

Pike was wearing a long elegant dress. Her hair was shining and in a bun. One of her fingernails had Moominpappa on it—wearing the hat, of course.

A long line featuring the Finnish and Swedish cast. Ville Haapasalo (Moominpappa), Carl-Kristian Rundman (Swedish Moominpappa),  Joonas Nordman (Moomintroll), Satu Silvo (Moominmamma), Alina Tomnikov (Snorkmaiden), Saga Sarkola (Swedish Little My), Markku Haussila (Sniff), Christoffer Strandberg (Swedish Moomintroll) and Andreas af Enehielm (Swedish Sniff). Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Around us, people in suits were sipping punch with raspberries from Moomin cups. For food: Scandinavian Rye and Malt Bread with salmon on top. For dessert: thick pancakes and whipped cream.

“She’s a good mother to her son, Moomintroll,” Pike said and so the interview continued. “She’s very sensitive to his emotional needs.”

We found mutual interest in one of the great books of our time: Moominpappa at Sea.

“I remember when I was about 13 and reading ‘Moominpappa at Sea’ and suddenly realizing that it’s operating on an adult level,” Pike said. “It’s a story about a father who feels he hasn’t achieved enough. It’s all about ego and the struggle with himself.”


The interview with Pike revealed how thoroughly the actors have immersed themselves in Jansson’s work. The understanding of the Moomins’ motivations, fears and flaws aims to bring the characters alive like never before. The way Jansson created them.

Some of the other international actors behind the characters at the premiere included Taron Egerton (Moomintroll), Jennifer Saunders (Mymble) and the director, Steve Box, who is famous for his Oscar-awarded Best Animated Feature, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005).

The animation series will consist of thirteen twenty-two-minute episodes, featuring new stories based on Tove Jansson’s world.

Moominvalley is set to air on Sky One, Sky Kids and NOW TV in Spring 2019 and on February 25 on YLE.

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