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A snowstorm arrived in Helsinki in November 2012. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Just after the southern Finland is recovering from the frost wave with temperatures biting your face in -20-25 degrees of Celsius, as much as 30 centimetres of snow is expected to fall during a snowstorm starting from Tuesday morning. The snowfall, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, will last long into Wednesday night.

Those driving in Uusimaa region will have serious difficulties with visibility, and those clearing snow from their home yards will have a serious bicep workout with a shovel.

The city folks depended on the government hosted railway services in Helsinki will need to exercise patience, as VR has already announced a wide array of cancellations and alternations in commuter services.

Here’s a list of changes, according to VR’s latest bulletin on Tuesday evening:

All trains of Y, E, A and K lines are cancelled.

N trains run on the main line every 30 minutes. R and H trains will be operated normally and the trains without line symbol stop at Kerava and Tikkurila.

On the Ring Rail Line, I and P trains run every 20 minutes.

On the coastal line, S and U trains are running.

These InterCity trains stop at Siuntio and Inkoo:

 IC 944, klo 6.25 Turku-Helsinki

IC 946, klo 7.04 Turku-Helsinki

IC 951, klo 12.02 Helsinki-Turku

IC 960, klo 14.00 Turku-Helsinki

IC 959, klo 16.02 Helsinki-Turku

IC 964, klo 16.00 Turku-Helsinki

IC 961, klo 17.02 Helsinki-Turku

IC 963, klo 18.02 Helsinki-Turku satama

IC 972, klo 20.10 Turku satama-Helsinki

IC 969, klo 21.02 Helsinki-Turku

The commuter trains don´t stop between Leppävaara and Huopalahti. There is replacement bus transport.

There are also alternations on the Helsinki-Tampere line, for example. For a full list, click here.

The temperatures are expected to be around -10-15 degrees.

The weather will remain cold during the end of the week but the snowfall is expected to drop to minimal.


Tony Öhberg