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Flags Fly For Fathers For The First Time Officially

Flags Fly For Fathers For The First Time Officially
The state flag is flying at the front of the Parliament Building to salute fathers across the nation on November 10, 2019. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Today Father’s Day is an official flag day for the first time in Finland.

Prior to this, the flags were hoisted based on a recommendation.

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In practice, the flags have been flown out of respect to fathers since 1987 after the day had become established in the University Almanac.

But in the age of gender equality a question was raised and answered last year on Twitter by the former minister of the interior, Kai Mykkänen:

“We will make Father’s Day an official flag day just like Mother’s Day,” the father-of-two promised.

In March this year, the government designated Father’s Day as an official flag day stipulated by law.

Happy Father’s Day!

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