Seven coronavirus infections have been confirmed in Finland, according to Helsinki University Hospital HUS. Currently, about 150 people have been ordered to stay in home quarantine.

Stock picture: Flickr

Three of the infected people are women in working age, one is a man in working age, one is a pensioner and one is a child in school age. In addition, a woman who arrived from Wuhan, China, to Lapland at the end of January was treated for the coronavirus and released from the hospital in early February.

All infected people are, according to HUS, feeling well.

After the infection had been confirmed with the child in school age, 100 students of the Viikki Teacher Training School, which is the school that the child is attending to, have been placed in home quarantine for two weeks.

The quarantine concerns classes 6A, 6B, 6C and 4B—including their teacher and school assistant.

In addition, junior football team HJK 07 Siniset (The Blue) is placed to home quarantine. The infected child is part of the team.