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Finns have decided. They want to live in wintertime. Permanently.

In a survey by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, 52 percent of the respondents supported the idea of staying in wintertime, which means that clocks will be turned backward an hour. That equals more light in the morning. If you get up early.

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A total of 677,337 Finns responded in the survey. 238,000 supported wintertime; those in favor of late-night light were 216,000. (360,000 were so-called open answers where about 220,000 answers were conducted by robots.)

The survey is part of the EU’s plans to abolish daylight saving time. The member countries have to decide by April 2019 whether they will live in summer- or wintertime.

It is likely that the seasonal clock changes in Europe will end in 2019, as suggested by the EU Commission.

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