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‘Entis’ cricket chocolate is going to be sold countrywide in Prismas and K-markets. Picture: Kultasuklaa

The first insect chocolate made of domestic crickets is to arrive in stores on Wednesday, December 20. That leaves four days of shopping time before Christmas Eve.

Our jury of Finn-Brits [highlight color=#FFFF00 ]tried bug bread[/highlight] last week, and some said that “It will be worth the itching.” In truth, it was a person with a wheat allergy who tried that one, and at the time of writing, we are not aware of any scratching related to the test.

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The manufacturer of the chocolate, Kultasuklaa, which is a company known for its handmade tidbits — from salty licorice to gingerbread — describes the grasshopper-flavored one as crunchy and sun-drenched and very tasty; it’s the first domestic commercial chocolate product made of whole crickets!

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According to the company, the bugs are buried in milk chocolate. The cricket itself contains proteins. “In products containing insects, ecology is of the most importance. That’s why we use domestically grown insects in our ‘Entis’ chocolate. The cricket chocolate is a great addition to gourmandizing and for example to Santa’s sack.

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Finland Today is following closely, whether the cricket chocolate has what it takes to become a best-seller.