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Chairman of Blue Reform Party Suggests a Quota For Students of Foreign Background

Chairman of Blue Reform Party Suggests a Quota For Students of Foreign Background


Blue Reform chairman Sampo Terho (left) believes that by limiting the number of students from an immigrant background would among others enhance integration to the society. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Sampo Terho, chairman of the Blue Reform Party, suggests that schools would set an upper limit for receiving students of immigrant background.

According to Terho, a quota would “enhance integration and peaceful working environment in schools.”

“If children of immigrants spend most of their time in their own groups, the danger of isolation and social exclusion increases. At some schools in Helsinki, over half of the students are immigrants,” Terho said in a statement.” This is an unbearable way.”

According to Terho, contact to Finnish language and Finnish culture is weakened if a disproportionate number of students come from an immigrant background.


“A maximum quota would enhance immigrant students’ capability to learn the Finnish language and also help with attachment to Finnish society. Maximum quotas would also support the everyday life of the students and the well-being of the personnel,” Terho said.

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  1. York tinkham

    It is too late to shut the barn door.
    Finland, look at the US school system in the big cities.
    Integration begins at home.

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