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Alko Starts Selling Space Water

Alko Starts Selling Space Water


Picture: Fanny Haga

At the beginning of June, when shopping for booze in the state-owned alcohol monopoly, Alko, the customer can, instead of picking up that second bottle of hard Koskenkorva liquor opt for mildly carbonated water, Välivesi, Space Water in English. (Referring to the distance between objects, not to the universe above us even though we have to admit that the idea sounds a bit from outer space.)

According to Alko, the company wants to remind Finns about the importance of drinking water.

After all, who could imagine the horrors of the hangover without water?

“Water is necessary for the well-being of humans,” said Maritta Iso-Aho, head of communications at Alko, in a statement. “We want to remind about the importance of drinking water with our own Space Water product. Even when one uses alcohol one should drink water in between. Of course, the world’s best Finnish tap water is as good drink as any.”

Space Water is bottled from the spring of Kangaslahti in Kurikka, southern Ostrobothnia.

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