Atime-lapse video of a Finnish upper secondary school student, Riku Karjalainen, 18, displays the breathtaking scenery of Finland on the front page of the video service Vimeo as a staff pick.

Karjalainen, who filmed the video in three months while traveling across the country in the midst of extensive schoolwork, feels “privileged to share with you the Finland I got to experience.”

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“This journey was more than a time-lapse project. I could go on and on ecstatically about what I experienced during the 8,500 kilometres on the road.”

Some of the locations featured on the video are Kivesvaara, Paltamo, Kiilopää, Saariselkä, Pallas, Muonio, Kiilopää, and Saariselkä. Most of the locations are filmed in the northern parts of the country.

Karjalainen thought that if he called the video “Finland | Timelapse,” would that be an accurate representation of the whole country?

“This has more northern Finland. I decided to do it like that. Tree-covered hills and fells fascinate me,” he said.

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