Human Interest

Oulujärvi Rock Cruise Charms All

Summer in Finland is host to numerous festivals, both large and small. We attended the Oulujärvi Rock Cruise to see how the small events stack up.

Borders, Why Bother?

National identity can be a strong component of self-identity, highlighted by an interview with two refugees on their experiences in Finland.

Helsinki City Museum Sets a New Standard – Opens on Friday

Helsinki City Museum has completely raised the benchmark on what can be realised in a museum space, both technologically, interactively, and societally. The space offers a rich, sensory experience free of charge, delivers information in spades, and promises to entertain any visitor, no matter their predilections.

Your Guide To Vappu

Vappu is a long-standing tradition in Finland and one of the most exciting days of the calendar year, starting on the 30th of April with vappuaatto

The Art of Naked Networking

I sat in sauna with a true sauna freak, Samu, who I got to know as a sauna fanatic. Samu takes the Finns’ proud tradition of taking hot steam baths in small, confined rooms to a whole new level.

A Year With Robert Helenius

The Finnish heavyweight boxer, Robert Helenius, will fight for the European Championship title in December. I spent a year watching him turn into a true Nordic Nightmare.

Watch the Cutest Animals Frolic at the Pet Exhibition

Cats and dogs with a pedigree, ferrets, bunnies and four-toed hedgehogs were lying in their cages and boxes as pet enthusiasts across breed and species barriers summoned at the Helsinki Fair Centre last weekend for PetExpo, the largest pet fair in the country.

Finding Earth’s twin is closer than ever

So far the search for Earth's twin has been elusive but with newer and more powerful telescopes being developed both here on Earth and in space in the not so distant future, the discovery of Earth v2.0 seems tantalisingly within our reach.