A Dog is Welcome to Stockmann But Not to the Flea Market, And Other Dog Dilemmas in Finland

A Samoyed dog has joined the Christmas parade in Helsinki. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Statistics of Finland estimate that there are about 800,000 dogs in the country. In 2011 there were over 7,000 dogs in Espoo, a figure compiled when our furry friends last had to be registered with the city council. That’s about seven dogs per 250 people or one dog for every 35 people. Six years later it is difficult to walk anywhere locally without seeing a dog, so numbers have probably increased over the period.  In our small area of 24 semi-detached houses, there are six dogs, two of which are ours. However, more dogs can lead to increased conflict between dog lovers and those that are not.

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Worse than not picking up poop is picking it up in a poly bag and leaving that hanging on a tree or bush.

In Finland, we have the additional problem of the cold and snowy winter.  Snow is great for hiding dog poop and so the responsible dog owner should be on constant look-out.

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