On Tuesday evening, a snow area is approaching Finland from the west. In the southern and western parts the snow is coming down as rain but when the night turns to morning, a cold dry breeze is likely to turn the rain into snow.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, according to weather service Foreca, many parts of the country will have received a snow covering. And the areas that remain snowless are likely to become snowy by Boxing Day.

“It depends on luck where these local snowfalls brighten the country but most likely snowless areas are very rare on Boxing Day,” according to Markus Mäntykannas, a meteorologist at Foreca.

Boxing Day is going to become the coldest day of the Christmas holidays. In the eastern and northern parts daytime lows of minus 20 to 30 degrees Celsius are expected and in the southern parts, the mercury is going to drop to minus 10 degrees.

Photograph on the front page: Javonni Christopher/Flickr