At the weekend, the night-time temperatures are going to get really cold in Helsinki. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Cold keeps holding southern Finland in its grip.

The mild winter weather that Helsinki is experiencing on Friday will turn chillier on Saturday. Temperatures of about minus 10 to 13 degrees are to be expected. Some snowfalls, too.

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On Sunday, it’s going to get slightly colder: minus 16 to 17 degrees during daytime.

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According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, between the night of Sunday and Monday, the mercury will drop to minus 20 degrees or over. Foreca and MTV News Meteorologist Markus Mäntykannas has a chillier interpretation. He forecasts minus 25 to 30 degrees of average night-time temperatures for next week.

According to Mäntykannas, the temperature in the north could drop to minus 40 degrees during the night, and on Monday the daytime temperatures could be between minus 30 and 40 degrees in the whole country.