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MP Anna Kontula photographed in Helsinki in 2015. She is holding a sign where she promises to further democracy instead of power controlled by money. Picture: Kepa

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On Monday, an international group of activists attempted to organize a demonstration at the Israeli-Gaza border in order to draw attention to the situation in Gaza. Among these activists was Finnish MP and member of the Left Alliance, Anna Kontula, who was subsequently detained by the Israeli authorities.

I spoke on the phone with MP Kontula as she waited at the airport in Israel for her return journey back to Finland.

She was detained for over 10 hours—“longer than is legally allowed in Israel,” she said—during which time she was “treated nicely by regular police.” There were, however, certain interrogators who got angry with her after she refused to sign a document in Hebrew, in which she would presumably acknowledge various suspicions, such as endangering security. She did not end up signing the document.

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