Anders Törnqvist is a multitalented musician. Screen capture from YouTube.

Anders Törnqvist, 42, is one of the most skilled drummers to pick up the sticks in this country. While having served as a drummer for many bands in past decades, today he’s the drummer (and many other things) for Dark Planets, a hard-hitting one-man group, and Final Assault, an energetic thrash metal band.

Want a bird’s-eye view of what happens on the drummer’s seat? Check out below:

After the coronavirus pandemic began slowing down performances of Final Assault, Anders did not place the drumsticks on the shelf.


“Aside from my day job in the graphic industry, the pandemic has enabled me to have more time to be creative,” Anders tells Finland Today.

Anders lives in a detached house in Sipoo close to the Vantaa border in southern Finland. His basement serves as a professional studio.

“I love the freedom of going down to my basement and play whatever I want. Professionally, I record drum tracks for different artists,” he says.

Anders can actually play what ever he wants.

He’s skilled in strumming the rhythm guitar, pounding the bass, and he can even growl.

One day after he had recorded a drum track he thought about completing the song with the other instruments he knows. The lyrics he wrote while his wife was driving to the countryside. After a couple of days, the track was ready.

“While I picked up the drumsticks at the age of nine, I learned to play the guitar about seven years ago. I have also become acquainted with the bass, but I don’t think I am too good at it. Over the years, I have always tried to sing and growl a little,” Anders says.

What resulted from his creative outburst is a song called “21 Sheep.”

Would he consider performing as a one-man band in a local speakeasy?

Anders laughs.

“I could record in the drums, guitar and the vocals. And then just play the bass while sipping beer,” he says laughing.

Watch Anders’ astonishing performance below: