Foggy morning in Helsinki. Picture: Tony Öhbeg for Finland Today

This week Finland will see unexceptionally warm air mass, unusual even in the summer.

The warm weather will arrive all the way from the Mediterranean Sea. According to Meteorologist Markus Mäntykannas, “if there was summer and it would be sunny right now we could enjoy temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius.”

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Because of the high altitude of the air mass—around one and a half kilometers—the way it will be felt on the ground, according to Mäntykannas, has to do with the season. In Finland, the concept of a warming sun doesn’t apply in November.

Thus, when the sun isn’t warming up it results in a thick fog cloud and drizzling rain and a very gray November weather. According to the forecast, this will continue at least until Friday or Saturday.

The good part is that the weather will stay warm, around 10 degrees or more in the southern parts of the country. According to Mäntykannas, there is no sight of winter during November.

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