The Finnish railway company VR will not transport football to Russia in June. Photograph: Phil Richards/Flickr

Finnish Football fans attending UEFA 2020 football championship in Russia will not be able to take VR’s Allegro train to St. Petersburg. “The train station at Vainikkala will, for now, remain closed from passenger traffic,” the government-owned railway company noted in a statement. The train station, located in eastern Finland, is the junction for all passenger trains between Finland and Russia.

Russia’s borders have remained closed due to coronavirus restrictions imposed last spring.

However, VR told that it prepares to transport the Finland national football team, Eagle Owls (Huuhkajat), to St. Petersburg with “all health and safety protocols in place” in a private train.

The European Championship 2020 will take place from June 11–July 11 across 11 Russian cities.