For safety reasons related to track damage, no long-distance train services will run on Tuesday, including all long-distance day and night trains, the government-owned railway company, VR, notes.

ON MONDAY, notches caused by track damage were observed on both VR and other VR-owned rolling stock wheels.

“A review of the rail network and VR’s rolling stock began immediately, but Monday’s strike has significantly slowed down the resolution of the situation,” VR noted in a statement.


VR has to cancel trains for safety reasons to ensure the condition of rolling stock and track. HSL and VR commuter services will operate as normal, while freight services will operate at reduced speeds.

Trains in the area of the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority, HSL, (A, E, I, K, L, P, U and Y) and VR commuter trains (R, G, Z, O, M, H, T ja D) will, according to a bulletin, run normally.

“The problem has been limited outside this track area and outside the fleet in this area,” VR noted.