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Last week, an unusual event took place in Helsinki. “Mimmit Koodaa (Women Are Coding)” aimed to gather women of all ages to share their experiences as coders. Vlada Laukkonen, one of the organizers of the event, gave Finland Today some insight into the slowly growing world of female coders.

Vlada’s first encounter with coding came during the process of writing her thesis. She soon realized that there was not a big market for children’s apps and decided to follow her new interest. According to her, coding “gives creative power.”

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“It empowers people to express themselves through different means and it should in no way be limited to males,” she said.

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Unfortunately, there is still a stereotype and some stigma around the idea of women coders. Even in developed countries like Finland, it is most commonly men who follow careers in IT and computer programming.

But why?

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