M/S Viking Grace is one of the cruise ferries operated by the Finnish company, Viking Line Abp. Photograph: Tom Björkstedt/Flickr

M/S Viking Grace, the cruise ferry which operates the Stockholm–Åland Islands–Turku route, had a ground contact outside the harbor of Mariehamn in Åland Islands on Friday afternoon at 14:10 Finnish time.

There are 331 passengers on board and 98 crew members.

The ferry is stuck, the wind is hard but according to Viking Line Abp, the ferry company that operates the ship, the situation is stable and there have been no injuries to passengers or crew members.

At 16:50 the ferry company noted in an update that the divers were investigating the bottom of the ship, after which a decision will be made on further action.

The situation on board was calm, and the passengers were offered dinner.

“Passengers will spend the night on board and leave the ferry tomorrow,” the ferry company noted in an update around 18:00 in the evening.

Currently we know that the following sailings of Viking Grace are cancelled:

  • 21.11 at 20:55 Turku–Långnäs–Stockholm
  • 22.11 at 07:45 Stockholm–Mariehamn–Turku

The ship will, according to Viking Line, be replaced on Monday, November 23, by M/S Gabriella until further notice. The ship will depart from Turku at 20:55.

This is the second time this year when a cruise ferry operated by Viking Line has ground contact. On September 20, Viking Line M/S Amorella that operates on the Turku—Stockholm route had ground contact in the Åland archipelago.


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