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VIDEO AND PICTURES: Watch How Lucia 2018 Elin Qvist Sings and Waves

VIDEO AND PICTURES: Watch How Lucia 2018 Elin Qvist Sings and Waves


Elin Qvist, 19, was crowned as Saint Lucia, the light bringer, the symbol of joy, the one who gives a helping hand for those in need.

Qvist, who has always dreamed of becoming Lucia, received her crown of candles at the Helsinki Cathedral on Thursday evening—on Lucia’s Day.

Qvist comes from Kauniainen, a small but wealthy town in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

In December-January, Lucia will make nearly 100 visits, from hospitals to nursing homes.

For the following months, she is here to remind us that we can help those in need.

A huge crowd observes at the Senate Square as Lucia maiden Elin Qvist descends the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral on December 13, 2018. After that she will start her procession in a horse-pulled cart around the center of Helsinki. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Qvist was selected as Saint Lucia from among 10 candidates. “I would have never believed that they will choose me. I am very humble for the opportunity to take over the role of Lucia,” she said earlier. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

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