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The French-Finnish community gathered spontaneously for a demonstration to honour the Charlie Hebdo victims at the Senate Square on Thursday, January 8 2015. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

HELSINKI – On Sunday, January 11, a support gathering to honour the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre will be arranged at Kansalaistori, between Kiasma and the Music Centre, at 16:00.

The commemoration is arranged by individuals in support of the Unity Rally, which is expected to be joined by a crowd of one million in Paris at the same time.

“We don’t need to be French to be deeply concerned and hurt by the violation of our freedom of speech. All nationalities and all religions have to assemble and fight against obscurantism, fanaticism and extremism of all kinds,” says the bulletin sent by the French-Finnish community to Finland Today.

“This tragedy is already leading to aversion, hatred and is revolting amalgamations and awful simplifications. Let this drama unify us, do not let all these extremists divide us. We have to be dignified, we have to be free,” the bulletin says.