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Two Men Stab Themselves In Front of the Finnish Parliament

Two Men Stab Themselves In Front of the Finnish Parliament

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Two men reportedly attempted suicide at the steps of the Finnish Parliament on Friday, September 22, 2017. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Two men of foreign background stabbed themselves in front of the Parliament Building in Helsinki on Friday afternoon. “They did it to themselves,” said Jukka Savola, the chief of security at the Parliament.

After the incident, about 13:00 in the afternoon, an ambulance was speeding along the tramline to the Parliament. There were reports of blood on the steps but when Finland Today arrived at the scene, it was already wiped away.

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According to Savola, the men were seated near the main entrance to the building and were in possession of a yellow identity card issued by an asylum seeker reception center in Finland. Savola was not aware of the men threatening any bystanders, nor were there any tips or warnings issued to the Parliament.

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According to the police, the men likely stabbed themselves in the stomach. The ambulance took the men away hurriedly.

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