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Stock picture: Lauri/Flickr

Two dead bodies of Finnish citizens have been found on Tallink Silja Europa cruise ferry on Sunday morning, the Estonian police say.

The first body, a woman, 25, was found at 03:00 in the morning.

Another body, a man, 21, was found around 04:30.

According to the Estonian police, the young adults didn’t travel in the same group nor were their cabins next to each other.

The police say that there were no visible marks of violence on the bodies. The bodies have been sent to autopsy.

Silja Europa was on a 22-hour cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn and back. The ferry had departed Helsinki on Saturday at 18:30.

According to passenger accounts, one of the dead was found in a cabin where music was playing loudly. When the security personnel went to inspect the cabin, the cabin was surrounded by people who cried.

According to an eyewitness interview by Estonian Postimees newspaper, the paramedics tried to resuscitate the young Finnish man in the corridor.

The corridor was sealed off, and the police were inspecting passports.

Passengers on the cruise ferry have described that the ferry was filled with young travelers who were partying loudly and were heavily drunk.