The terrorist attacks happened at Turku center. Picture: Tom Cavnar/Flickr

The knife attacks on Friday afternoon in the southwestern city of Turku that left two dead and wounded eight people were conducted by a Moroccan man, 18.

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According to the police, the man is an asylum seeker who arrived in Finland in spring 2016. He has stayed in a reception center in Turku. He is suspected of crimes done in terroristic purposes: two murders and eight attempted murders.

According to the police, the Moroccan man targeted women. The victims are between 15 and 67 years old. Some of the wounded have been released from the hospital.

“According to the intelligence we have gathered overnight, all pieces indicate a terror attack,” said Police Counsellor Robin Lardot, who is the director of the National Bureau of Investigation, in a press conference on Saturday afternoon.

The suspect is being treated in the Turku University Hospital. According to the police, he has been unwilling to talk.

In addition, four other Moroccans have been arrested in Turku. They were arrested in private apartments and in the local reception center. According to the police, the Moroccans “know each other.” The police, however, didn’t reveal any further details of the men’s links to each other.

There is also a sixth suspect who is on the loose. The authorities have released an international warrant. According to the police, the suspect is not in Finland.

According to the National Bureau of Investigation, none of the suspects were under surveillance.

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UPDATE 18:04: The police said that the victims were between 15 and 67 years old. The authorities haven’t revealed the age of the deceased.