A tourist bus operated by a foreign company turned over in Northern Lapland. Stock photo (Flickr): Stuart Rankin

A tourist bus with 32 people turned on its side on Wednesday evening in Saariselkä, Ivalo, Northern Lapland.

According to the fire master on duty, Jukka Harmanen, the driver, the guide and thirty Asian tourists had to crawl out from the sunroof.

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No one was hurt in the incident, and in about 15 minutes a replacement bus arrived at the scene.

According to Harmanen, the people on the bus were saved from injury because they all wore seatbelts and the bus fell softly on the snow.

There had been a gentle curve on the road, and there was a heavy snowfall. The road was covered in snow. That’s why the bus turned over.

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“The bus lost control there, and it landed softly. There was a chance for a big savotta,” Harmanen said.

Savotta is a cutting operation in Finnish.

Saariselkä is a popular tourist destination in Lapland. (Google MyMaps)