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Tony Öhberg

There’s still time to delight friends and relatives with a Christmas card and a gift. With a domestic no-value indicator stamp, which costs 1.4 euros and depicts Santa Claus and endearing animals, one can send Christmas greetings across Finland confidently today.

Gift packages can be sent from a Parcel Point or by purchasing transport for your package from the web or using Posti’s mobile application.

With this stamp you can ensure that your cousins in Lapland will get their Christmas card in time. Picture: Posti

Millions of Christmas cards sent during the Yuletide are proof that digital messages are not going to replace the good ol’ piece of cardboard anytime soon.

Most cards are sent to close relatives, and according to studies, the Christmas card tradition is upheld especially by women. Of women over 35, about 70 percent think that sending Christmas greetings is something they want to pass to their posterity.

However, Posti recommends to get the name and address details of the receiver right. Last Noel, the Finnish postal service had to figure out about 15,000 addresses on Christmas cards.

That’s more handwork than the elves at Korvatunturi have at their desk right now.

Source: Posti

Picture on the front page: Kylle Jaxxon