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A surveillance camera photo released by the police of the suspects of a rape in Hyvinkää on July 27, 2018. Picture: The Eastern Uusimaa Police Department

Three men of foreign background are suspected of raping a woman at a forest in Hyvinkää at Riihimäenkatu 20 on July 27.

According to the victim, the suspects were of a foreign background and spoke a language incomprehensible to the victim.

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According to the police, the rapes happened at Riihimäenkatu 20. Picture: Google Earth

In a surveillance camera photo released by the police, the group of three men has been seen moving during the night around 2:30 from Jussintori to Hämeenkatu and from there to Siltakatu and toward Riihimäenkatu.

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The Eastern Uusimaa Police Department is asking for eyewitness accounts to the number 0295 436476 or by email to

Hyvinkää is located about 50 kilometers north of Helsinki.

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