After ducking bullets, the family has moved to a safe location in their friend’s house. Stock photo: Olly F (Flickr)

KANGASALA – It was 01:00 on the night between Saturday and Sunday in Kangasala, near Tampere, central Finland.

Suddenly, there were three loud bangs. Three gunshots had been fired at their door.

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“One [bullet] came straight through the front door and through the hall to the living room, and it went just over my head,” a woman said in an interview with a Finnish daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

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The woman is a Finn. She’s married to a man from Iraq.

According to the woman, two weeks ago two men had visited their door and threatened the couple.

She had opened the door. The men didn’t carry guns but as soon as their behavior became aggressive she shut the door.

Whether the incident is linked to the events on Sunday night was unclear.

But to all that had happened, she could only find one explanation:

“I can not find any other reason for that than a racist motive,” she said.

She also speculated that the recent negative news from Oulu may have triggered the incidents.

The police are investigating the shooting as attempted murder.