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Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

It was here before Sibelius, Runeberg and the Blue Cross Flag – sauna!

On Saturday, June 10, we celebrate the National Sauna Day.

During the day saunas are warmed across the country in private and public events; the sauna day has been celebrated since the ‘80s.

The Finnish Sauna Society has released a petition where the second Saturday in June would be turned into a national Flag Day to celebrate the Finnish sauna culture. To date, the petition has gathered 5,761 names.

[toggler title=”What is a flag day?” ] Finland honors its ancestors who have contributed to their culture by giving them a flag day. It could be their birthday or another significant day depending on their achievements. On these days, of which there are 18 throughout the year, every flag pole must bear the Finnish flag. It is truly a breathtaking site to behold. Thousands of flags fly high as each building has at least one pole and many streets are lined with flags.[/toggler]

The goal is to gather 100,000 names by the end of the year.

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