This week’s forecast is a mix of sunshine, stormy winds and hard rains.

The week begins sunny in most parts of the country with increasing cloudiness during the day. Rains are likely in the northern parts.

On Tuesday, the sun is hiding behind the clouds in most parts except in the south. While southern Sweden is basking in warm weather of about 25 degrees Celsius, and while it in earlier forecasts seemed possible that Finland would also get a share of the warm currents at the beginning of the week, the daytime highs are going to stay around 14 to 18 degrees in the southern parts, around 12 to 16 degrees in central parts and in the northern parts around and 8 to 13 degrees.

The nighttime temperatures are around 5 to 10 degrees in the south and around 0 to 6 degrees in the north.

On Wednesday, it gets rainy and windy in most parts because of a low-pressure front that arrives from the west. Chances for daytime highs of as much as 17 degrees Celsius in the south are still there but the temperatures drop to about 10 degrees for the rest of the country.

The hardest rains and stormiest winds are going to be experienced in the southern and central parts. As much as 30 to 60 millimeters of water is about to drop between Wednesday and Thursday.

Sources: Foreca, the Finnish Meteorological Institute