Foreign robbers, fascinated by valuables, were quickly caught by the Finnish police the following. Picture: Palvlina Jane

A movie-like robbery was solved quickly during the weekend when the Finnish police caught the perpetrators the following day.

On the night between Friday and Saturday, four men, after breaking the roof window, descended with the aid of ropes in front of a jewelry store in Jumbo shopping center in Vantaa, southern Finland.

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After reaching the ground, the thieves broke the window of the jewelry store. In a few minutes, they were able to steal 800,000 euros worth of jewelry.

The surveillance cameras caught active photos of the robbers.

Immediately, the Finnish police started applying their wide resources and—with the intelligence of the Helsinki Police Department—were able to locate the robbers to an apartment in Vantaa.

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The police caught four men of a foreign background. The booty was found in its entirety in the apartment.

The men are suspected of aggravated theft.

Source: The police