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Tony Öhberg

A speed camera is observing the traffic at Mannerheimintie in Helsinki on August 22, 2018. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Speed camera ahead!

During the road surveillance marathon of the police, 120 speed cameras around the country are active for 24 hours till 06:00 Thursday morning.

In addition, there will be police patrols—including all 24 surveillance trucks (with the most effective speed camera technology)—observing speed limits in known locations for traffic accidents and speedsters.

According to the police, locations for surveillance include places requested by the citizens.

“Examples include areas around schools and kindergartens,” said Kari Onninen, police inspector at the National Police Board.

During previous road surveillance marathons, the speed cameras have flashed about 5,000 times during 24 hours.

“The police are hoping that the number would not be exceeded this year,” said Onninen.

A list of 40 active speed cameras. Picture: The police

And here are 20 more cameras. Picture: The police