The shooting happened near Ruskeasuo’s Teboil gas station in Helsinki on June 12. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

The silence of quiet Mannerheimintie in Helsinki was broken by the roaring engine of the police van at 05:25 on Tuesday morning.

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Around that time at the Ruskeasuo district, a man walking with a gun had been shot at by the police after, according to the law enforcement, the “situation had escalated.”

The police had sealed off Mannerheimintie and the Ruskeasuo area, starting from the crossing of Lehtikuuseentie.

“There will be no driving from here in a long time,” a police officer told me. “You need to drive around the area as far as you can.”

An ambulance arrived behind me, hurriedly.

The police forensics were still ongoing at 07:00 in the morning.

Previously the police shot at a man in April in Lempäälä, western Finland. The man died in his wounds.

The police will not report further details about the shooting in Ruskeasuo.

Ruskeasuo district on the Helsinki map.

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