Two police officers were injured in an explosion in Espoo, Mäkkylä. In the wee hours of the morning, a body was found.

The two police officers who were injured in the explosion in Espoo’s Mäkkylä district on Monday evening have been released from the hospital after being treated for their injuries.

The officers were injured after an explosive went off when they during the call opened the door to the apartment. Later a man, 41, was found dead in the apartment.

He is suspected of two counts of attempted murder.

According to a resident in the building, the explosion echoed in the stairway for a while. “When the armored vehicles of the police were seen in the children’s playground, where the children had been playing just a couple of hours before, my mind connected the dots in a scary way,” the resident said in an interview with the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

During the operation, the police decided to evacuate the building for safety concerns. The evacuees were placed in a hotel.

“An operation that lasted for several hours followed the explosion when the police were inspecting the safety of the apartment,” Detective Inspector Olli Töyräs from the National Bureau of Investigation says in a statement. During the police operation the man born in 1979 was found dead in the apartment.

Töyräs says the police are investigating the reason why the explosives had been placed to the door to injure the police, but because of the early stages of the investigations, it’s pointless to speculate.

According to Finnish tabloid Ilta-Sanomat, the man had lost his job, the apartment and was in debt.

His hobbies included electronics.

The police told about the operation on Twitter on Monday evening.

Source: The police; Mäkkylä is located at the border between Espoo and Helsinki, between the Vermo Racetrack and Kehä I.