Between September 13 and 17, the police and traffic safety organizations are monitoring the condition of tires across the country.

The police, Liikenneturva and Autonrengasliitto have since 1997 gathered for a common cause to promote the use of appropriate tires to avoid hydroplaning. Photograph: Autorengaslitto

A campaign for tire safety begins on Monday across the country. “Both, the tread depth and tire pressure affect directly the driving properties and consequently the road safety,” Jarmo Nuora, the head of The Tire Check campaign and chairman of The Tire Specialists of Finland (Autorengasliitto), said in a statement.

The safety recommendation for the tread depth of summer tires is a minimum of four millimeters in wet conditions, which is the core of the campaign message. The campaign also stresses the importance of checking tire pressures at least once a month. As a reminder, discarded tires can be handed for recycling at no cost.

Many motorists, according to the statement, are in the habit of driving their summer tires till they are worn out in the autumn when good road grip would be essential. Wet driving conditions and worn tires make a dangerous combination because of an increased risk of hydroplaning and longer braking distances. Tires are the most common risk factor in road accidents related to passenger cars and vans.

 “In a wider picture, Finns have learned to take better care of their tires and to understand their meaning to road safety. That being said, there is a small group of drivers who have safety problems when it comes to the car, the tires and the way they drive,” Nuora said.

“We want to reach these people.”

Yearly, the police give over 400 traffic penalty fees because of tire negligence.