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The tire gorilla photographed on a sunny winter’s day. Picture: Precis-of/Flickr

The police has finished preliminary investigations into the arson of the tire gorilla, a gigantic creature made of car tires, that used to sit in a serene zen posture in front of Helsinki University’s Viikki campus.

On a Wednesday night in January, the gorilla was set in flames. There was nothing the fire department could do to save the poor figure, which used to carry students and visitors on its gigantic arms.

The gorilla made the common man look small. Picture: Rubber Gorilla/Flickr

The piece of art was constructed by Finnish artist Villu Jaanisoo. The work was known as “Everything is Possible.”

After the police had published surveillance videos of the night of the arson, and after receiving numerous tips, the man suspected of the crime was caught in early February. “During the preliminary investigations, the police found out that the man had created several videos containing burning or destroying of various buildings of society and published them on social media,” said Detective Inspector Anne Hietala from the Helsinki Police Department in a bulletin.

The Finnish National Gallery, which is the owner of the sculpture, is claiming damages for 60,000 euros. Furthermore, the library of Helsinki University is claiming damages for 25,000 euros of the damage caused by the fire to its windows. The library stood only seven meters away from the gorilla.

The man is waiting for trial. He is suspected of aggravated damage to property.

He is denying the deed.

The burnt gorilla. Picture: The police