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The Helsinki Airport station is located 45 metres underground. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

The Helsinki Airport station along the Ring Rail Line opens today.

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The trains I and P will stop at the station.

During the first months, the passengers are served by the entrance of Tietotie from where the distance to the terminals of the airport is reachable by a free bus or by walking.

The walking distance to Terminal 1 is about 350 metres and to Terminal 2 about 700 metres.

The headway of the buses as well as the travel time is 5-10 minutes and they drive non-stop while the train is in traffic.

A direct entrance from the airport railway station to the terminal is opened later in the autumn.

At the same the schedule of the bus number 615, which travels between the Helsinki centre and the airport, will be limited. HSL recommends the passengers to hop on the Ring Rail, which not only is faster but travels more frequently than bus number 615.

And the cost is the same, whether you take the train or bus.


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