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A screen clipping from Gialuron Kompleks’ webpage. The arrow painted by the editorial team to point out Mrs Jenni Haukio’s picture.

When Mrs Jenni Haukio, the spouse of the Finnish president, Sauli Niinistö, represents next to her husband, her elegance catches the attention.

Even on a recent trip to Estonia, Haukio and her Estonian counterpart caught the focus of the cameramen but only one ended up in a Russian advertisement for an online shop marketing anti-wrinkle cream. (No apparent link to the actual visit in Estonia *editor’s note).

In the picture sourced from Wikimedia Commons and taken for an election campaign for the National Coalition Party, Haukio is named “Liza,” a 34-year-old lady, who “looks just fine” but “would want to look better.” The advertisement continues that she was advised to use the cream by her friend who is a cosmetologist.

All quotes are poppycock. “Naturally, she hasn’t said such things,” said Katri Makkonen, the director of communications from the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland.

Liza, who is said to come from Samara, a former closed city in the southeastern part of European Russia, gives all the credit to the miracle cream for her face “getting back its natural colour after two weeks of use.” It has to do with the pores becoming smaller and all that.

Makkonen said that the office will investigate, whether they will attempt counteraction.