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Red Cross is the host of the national anti-racism campaign. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

This week is Finland’s national week against racism. It is coordinated by the Red Cross and is intended to promote equality among all individuals. All sectors, including education and recreation organizations, are invited to open constructive dialogue and discuss pressing issues like patriotism, racism and hate speech.

Although the inaugural event took place at Narinkkatori in Helsinki, the whole country is involved with the aim of creating a more accepting society. By holding events like this one, the Red Cross hopes to change Finns and foreigners’ perception of racism and create a more including society.

Some of the events that will be held in different cities throughout Finland include talks by and for women, informal meetings that invite all members of the community and activities organized by refugee organizations.

Organizers of the week at the Red Cross believe that “racism damages the whole society not only the ones having to face racist attacks.” This is why one of its goals is to get Finns active in the creation of a society where all ethnic groups are equal.

The Red Cross will be collaborating with schools to help children identify racist situations in public spaces and everyday interactions. It offers training courses and support to teachers and school authorities providing the training.

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However, not only teachers and educators are expected to make a difference this week. Everyone is invited to reflect on the topic of racism and share their own ideas and experiences.


  • Paulina Bouzas was born and raised in Mexico and has an MA in Linguistics from the University of Eastern Finland. She enjoys writing about education, language and Finnish culture.