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Filming and editing: Tony Öhberg

One’s citizenship is not bound by the passport issued by a country.


This is the core message of the photo exhibition Suomalaisia (Finns) by Anna Tervahartiala, which opened on Friday at Laterna Magica bookstore and gallery in Helsinki’s Kruununhaka district.

The exhibit displays the faces of Finns who have dual citizenship or whose either parent is from abroad.

Anna started photographing her subjects whose roots extend from Nepal to Zimbabwe in the autumn of 2014. She found them through her network, which is quite international.

The exhibit also features short essays of her subjects sharing thoughts about the difference between cultures and countries.

“Being different doesn’t bother me but sometimes it would be nice to get acquainted with people without having to tell where I was born (in Jorvi, Espoo), whether I know Chinese (studying) and if I have visited China (once in Honk Kong). Despite the questions being asked out of curiosity, the fact that people are judged by the way they look is the most frustrating feeling I know. I feel that I am as Finnish as everybody else,” said Melissa, 23, one of the bright-eyed subjects portrayed on the brick wall of Laterna Magica.

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Suomalaisia – A Photo Exhibition by Anna Tervahartiala at Laterna Magica, Rauhankatu 7, Helsinki.

The exhibition (April 9-May 2) is open from Mon-Fri 11-13:30, 14-17, Sat. 12-15.