Leppävaara station in Espoo. Picture: Maria Morri/Flickr

The beggar [highlight color=#FFFF00 ]suspected of raping[/highlight] a woman, 19, in the woods near Leppävaara train station in Espoo has been caught on Thursday afternoon.

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The man was apprehended thanks to a tip from the public. The suspect was caught at 16:20 in Leppävaara.

The police were looking for a beggar with grey hair, who was spotted at the Leppävaara station on platform four carrying a note where he begged for money. The suspect, who spoke English, was also recorded by the surveillance cameras.

Afterward, the man had met the young woman at the station and had taken her to the woods. The woman didn’t know the man from before. The rape happened about 09:00 on Wednesday morning.

The police are thankful for all the tips they received in relation to the crime.

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