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An ice fisher at the Töölö Bay on the foggy Thursday morning on April 5, 2018. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

The weather will get warmer in the south during the weekend.

The rain area, which is sweeping over Helsinki on Friday in combination with the sun, which is expected to appear in the afternoon, will speed the melting of the remaining snow.

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On Saturday, the weather is fair in the whole country. The day temperature could rise to 10 degrees Celsius in the southern parts of the country.

On Sunday, the south gets another dose of fair and sunny weather, and we are about to enjoy another round of 10-degree temperatures!

In the middle and northern parts of the country, the weather switches between fair, cloudy, rainy and snowy.

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However, thermal spring weather, when the temperature will stay between 0 and 10 degree Celsius, is getting closer by the day.

Source: The Finnish Meteorological Institute